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Parents Without Partners, Denver Metro Chapter #814
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PWP has many benefits:

As a PWP member, you will be able to attend Amigos, Family, Program & Education (P&E), or Parent activities, and you will also be able to sponsor your own activity!

You will have access to the "Member's Only" Forum area where you can interact with other members online, view the Events and Activities Calendar with links to activities, descriptions and locations of activities, and download the monthly newsletter. You also might see yourself on our Web Site! We post pictures from our activities for all members to view. You may become a PWP celebrity! Each month we hold a variety of activities for you and your children. These activities are partially paid for by the Chapter from yearly membership dues and from fundraisers that are held throughout the year. These fundraisers are organized by committee members and the general membership. As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate and/or organize one of our activities or fundraisers.

All programs, services, and events offered by the Denver Metro Area Chapter are run by volunteers who are also members of the chapter. In order for our activity calendar to be full of fun and exciting Family, Parent, and P&E activities, each member has the opportunity to submit suggestions for upcoming events and to sponsor an activity!

Amigos Activities

Amigo activities and PWP Raps are held to welcome the new members into the Chapter. These activities are small, intimate gatherings that allow our members to meet new and long-term members in a friendly atmosphere. This is a great place to share advice as well as offer support to other single parents. Amigos and PWP Raps give members the opportunity to discuss single parenting and single life and to get perspectives from other members who have been there or are going through some of the same challenges.

Family Activities

Family activities are designed to give members a chance to share time with their children and with other members and their children. Some Family activities include ice skating, movies, picnics, game nights, hiking, swimming, museum visits, skiing, snowboarding, rock wall climbing, bowling, live music, camping, and arts & crafts. We also have Teens Night Out for our older crowd. Teens Night gives teens the chance to plan and organize their own activities and gives our older children the opportunity to socialize with kids their own age.

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Program & Education (P&E) Activities

P&E activities may be group discussions or topics presented by psychologists, lawyers, and other professionals on relationships, communication skills, finances, parenting information, health & fitness, cultural activities, and even dance lessons. These activities are held in a variety of settings throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Parent Activities

While we all love our children, there are times when we need to socialize with other parents alone. Parent activities give you the opportunity to socialize with other single parent members as single people. Activities for just us parents include comedy clubs, dining out, movies, weekend trips, house parties, dancing, concerts, live theatre, theme parties, and much more.

We think you'll agree that PWP will transform what can often be a difficult time of adjustment into an exciting turning point in your life. We are here to help single parents help themselves. PWP can help you to establish a new kind of life, and a life devoted to the welfare and interests of your children.

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